Hello, coin collectors or lost visitors!!!

It is nice to have you here. My name is Denis Buric and I come from a beautiful small town called Pregrada in Croatia. Croatia is well known in sports, tourism and fashion. Why in fashion you ask? Because Croats invented a tie. Most of you probably didn't know that. Well, this website is dedicated to all the coins collectors who are interested in viewing Croatian coins. I also invite all you nice people to take a look at my doubles list. If you find anything interesting, please contact me on denis.buric@kr.htnet.hr... If you find 100 coins in my list of doubles that you are interested in, don't be shy, just ask me and we will work something out. I am interested in swapping coins with everyone. I like everything about coins, so I will find something interesting in everyone's doubles list. If you can't find any for now, visit this address in a month or so because my doubles list changes very often...

My collection is not very large but I receive coins almost every day and I don't have the time to update it every day. One more thing, I thank to all nice and honest coin collectors from around the world who were fair to me. I am thankful to all of them and I recommend you to trade with every one of them. I have only one bad trader for now. That is Helder Rui Cardoso from Coimbra (Portugal). Beware of him; I'm not the only one he has cheated... He claims to have Euro coins from small countries like: Monaco, San Marino, Luxembourg... If you are selling the coins, I may be interested in it, so contact me.

OK, now to "the thank you part of this website": I have to thank my friend Josip Kruslin for helping me making this website, my sister Dijana for helping me packing the coins, my parents for often financing, my cousin Oliver Frlic from Slovenia who often sends the coins instead of me and to all people who helped me with at least one favor or coin. OK, that is it for now. I hope you like my modest website and that you will come again...

Currently I have 7359 coins in my collection from 285 different countries and 860 doubles from 98 countries.

Thank you for visiting, Denis Buric

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